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No Small Story


After the random finding of a soldier’s diary from 1915, in a suitcase of ephemera in

Central Victoria in 2022,  we knew this person deserved to have his story respectfully shared and honoured.


We carefully photographed the diary pages and then worked with the photographs to transcribe the contents, ensuring the original diary was carefully placed in a safe environment.


We truly believe there are no small stories.

Once we had the opportunity to read the diary, we felt an immediate connection and decided to memorialise this soldier’s diary as a daily blog, using the 108th Anniversary,

i.e. 1st January 2023, as the starting date for the project.

All daily updates will remain in order on the website to be read any time. 

We initially made a conscious decision to not include any personal details where possible and to only disclose what we transcribed directly from the diary. We then published relevant information as deemed appropriate after due diligence and proper research. Our findings can be found at the end of the full diary.

We have been in contact with relevant organisations such as the Australian War Memorial.


Our background research included a detailed search for any family to advise them of our project. If no family is found we have also investigated donating the diary to the appropriate place when the time comes. 


For more information about Australia in World War I

please visit Australian War Memorial and DVA Anzac Portal















No comments or narratives represent the opinions of the writers. 


Link to blog post The Suitcase Diary

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Two unidentified Australian soldiers, one of the men is using the periscope in one of the
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