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The Suitcase Diary

This project all began with the chance discovery

of a World War II journalist's personal letters and draft newspaper articles amongst a cluttered suitcase that looked like it had remained unopened since the 1960s.

Tucked in among numerous cheap flip notepads full of shorthand was a small pocket diary.

As soon as we saw the year was 1915 we were excited, and upon opening the first page we realised this was a World War One diary and we cancelled our weekend plans and set about transcribing everything we could.

The Diary as found in July 2022 . Size: 10cm x 7cm x 1cm

Who wrote this diary? We had to discover his story...

Over the past couple of months, with assistance from friends and days of scouring the archives of the Australian War Memorial and other similar websites,

we have come up with what we believe is the best way to honour this person's story.

108 years later, on the 1st January 2023,

we will post a transcript of the diary entry from 1st January 1915,

including a photograph of the diary entry.

Sailing on board the “Ulysses” 10 days

from sunny Victoria, for a destinat-

ion, which can only be known on

the rear pages of this diary.

(extract from diary)

1 January 1915

Extract from 1st January 1915. Photo taken July 2022

We will continue this every day that the diary has entries.

Hopefully you can follow along as we chronicle for the first time,

this Australian soldier's voyage into war.

Follow along daily to experience some of what

a young man observed after he boarded a ship to an unknown destination.

Lest We Forget

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